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Futsal Kingz. Est 2009

Coach Tim and Tom had been colleagues in 2005 with MLS Camps. They both had the opportunity to work together again in 2007/08 in the Bay Area. 

Coach Tim went back to gain his Masters in Sports Business Management and Coach Tom stayed in CA.

Tom started Futsal Kingz in late 2008 and with Tim arriving back in CA January 2009, Futsal Kingz was now official.

Coach Tim had been coaching some Futsal back home in the UK and fell in love with the game. Futsal is a variation of the worlds game, soccer. It's fast paced, 5v5 and played on a basketball sized court. 

Even today, futsal is relatively a new sport. We wanted bring this game to the Bay Area and show people awesome it is. 

Futsal also improves your ability tenfold. The increased speed and play in small spaces accelerates your technique for improved play in futsal and the outdoor game.

So...we've been going over 10 years now and we hope to be going for many more.

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