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Registration is taken care of by the city of Santa Clara. By clicking "Sign Up" below, you will be taken straight to the city of Santa Clara website. From there, to register you need to make an account with them.  If you are new to the signing up process, please click here for detailed instructions.


For those of who are desperate to release your inner Ronaldo, get yourself down to some Adult Futsal. It's great fun and it's as competitive/non-competitive as you want to make it.

Class Format:

0 - 15 Minutes: Warm-up with a ball, pass with players arriving.

15 - 90 Minutes: We play scrimmages/games.


Note: Coach picks the teams, it's all in-house so teams change based on who shows up that week. It's all good fun and you'll get a serious sweat on.

Questions: Email us:

Note: No drop-ins allowed. If you can only join after class has started, we can honor a prorate.

Release your inner Ronaldo!

Why attend our Adult Futsal Class? 
1) It's great fun!
2) We play more of less the whole time.
3) Burn off some calories :)

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